Kool Wool Sale at Smileys

I hope no one has posted this yet. I have been without internet since we moved into the new house.

Anyway, I received an email that www.smileysyarns.com is selling Lion Brand Kool Wool for $1.25 a skein. That is a pretty good discount, so I thought I’d pass it on.

Wow… I can’t say that I like that site much… it just seemed to link to other sites… or did I mis the point of the site?

Sorry! I mistyped the link. I fixed it though.

Ahhhhhhh much better… no popups and I understand this one…

Sorry about the confusion :slight_smile:

Ingrid posted it yesterday :mrgreen:

Keep in mind that there is a $30 minimum order, and you pay $10 for shipping. (so order lots to make it worth your while!)

Yeah well, I figured that I can spend $40 on yarn pretty easily, so getting 25 skeins for that is pretty good. Even with shipping that’s $1.60 a skein for something that is usually $4.95. Now THAT is something the hubmaster will understand.