Kool Wool, really handwash?

I wanna make my lil brother a sweater. He’s 24, not so little, but not a dry clean/hand wash only guy either. I think he could handle machine wash and lay flat to dry though (or maybe I am dreaming!)

Kool Wool (discontinued) is on sale for $1/skein on Smiley’s and it is the right gauge for the pattern I have picked out for him. It is a wool acrylic blend, but it says it is hand wash. Seriously? Why would they be so cruel? Maybe that is why it is discontinued?

Any experience w/this yarn? The sweater doesn’t need to be a national treasure, but I don’t want it to felt the first time it is washed either!

Wow, what a great price. Too bad they don’t have more colors. I found some favorable reviews, but no one mentioned machine washing. Maybe the encore?

I’ve used Kool Wool for a scarf and LOVED it but I don’t think you can machine wash it. I think it’s delightful to work with…I might have to check out that sale!