I remember reading on a forum a while back about someone looking for blue kool-aid and I was curious as to how you dye with it. What measurements do you use? How much can you dye with one pack of kool-aid; and I’m just guessing that you dont want to use the kind with sugar.
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Check this out. It is fun, and really works. Just watch out for a bit of a mess!


thank you, but the site didn’t come up. said the page cannot be displayed. anyother ideas? can you dye all yarns or just wool?

That’s because the h was missing from the beginning of the URL. :wink:
Here’s the article.
Here’s another.
And another.
One more.
Those are just the first four results from Google.
You can only dye protein fibers with kool-aid. Wool, alpaca, etc. Acrylics don’t take dye, and cotton yarns need a different sort of dye. There’s lots of information in those links. :slight_smile:

thank u