Kool Aid Socks!

Here is the completed pair of socks using the yarn I dyed with kool aid. I dyed 12 skeins, and am selling it at a lys here in town. The owner of the store wanted me to knit a sock to put on display with the yarn, but I loved the way these came out that I decided to keep them. I made the baby socks to put on display at the store…Aren’t they cute?

Those are AWESOME! I love blue and orange together. What yarn and which flavors of Kool-Aid did you use, if you don’t mind sharing?
Good call on making the baby socks for display…I wouldn’t have parted with those, either!

yeah what did you use for blue? Those look excellent!!!


Thanks! :blush:
Cate- the yarn is knitpicks natural, fingering weight. I used berry blue, lemon lime, orange, and pink lemonade. The other colors took over the pink lemonade, but there are still some tiny places of a very faint pink in the yarn. You should try dyeing some! It is so fun! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info! I’m going to do it eventually…probably over the summer.

:thumbsup: Love them!!! :heart: I’ve heard of doing this, but didn’t believe it. Now I have something else to add to my to-do list!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Great colors! I love them.

Those are great!

Wonderful dye job :cheering: :cheering: Loving the socks!! Good luck with selling your yarn…WTG :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Very pretty! Love the matching baby socks - too cute!