Kool-aid dying **update!**

after reading the links amy posted on this thread i decided to try a little kool-aid dying with a bunch of white yarn i had. i recorded my progress which you can witness: here.

i felt like i should have made double the dye bath than the site suggested because the yarn soaked up the dye bath SO quickly.

anyway, it was a fun little side project. i’d love to hear about how kool-aid dying went for you, if you’ve done this.

Wow, Amigarabita, that’s a great tutorial! (Check it out everyone!)

Just curious, how many packets per oz. of yarn did you use for those colors? And, if you’re not too tired after posting all those great pics, I’d love to see a pic of the skeins dry, to see the true shade they came out…

LOVE the pic of “the mildly interested cat.” LOL

Thanks for sharing!!!

awesome – I’m getting more and more tempted to try this.

Wow amigarabita! Very interesting and very artistic! (I loved your cat too. He’s gorgeous!)

Have you decided yet what you are going to make with your newly dyed yarn?

thanks everyone!!!

amy, it says it in there, but it was 1 packet of koolaid per oz of yarn. HOWEVER! i think everything should be doubled in the recipe. so 2 cups total liquid (i.e. 1 1/2 cups water + 1/2 c vinegar = 3:1) and 2 packets of koolaid for every ounce. it just wasn’t enough liquid to drop the yarn into.

i’ll post final pics when it is dry and i ball it. i’m actually surprised it isn’t dry yet.

Thanks AmiG! You did a great job on that tutorial! :slight_smile:

Ambigarta, your post is fantastic. I like the tones of slight changes in color! It’s great.


Wow amigarabita! Your yarn looks great!

I got around to balling up all that yarn. You can see it on my new blog!

Beautiful colors amigarabita!!! I have some natural alpaca and natural silk that I have been trying to get up the nerve to dye so found your tutorial very encouraging…thank you for sharing it. I do have one question…how do you keep the yarn from tangling?

it is going to tangle some. if it is in a loose skein you can tie (an independent) piece of yarn around the top, bottom and even the two sides --that helps a lot. just be conscious of it.


I love the colors!