Kool Aid dying - Periwinkle?

I want to try Kool Aid dying… what “flavor” :teehee: would Periwinkle be? :??

sebago, ME[/color]

Knitty.com has a nice article on koolaid dyeing if you GO HERE.

I wonder if you added a little grape to a light blue flavor if you would get a periwinkle? Or if it would just get muddy? :??

I was thinking you would have to mix those colors too.
I would definitely do a test piece of yarn to see how it comes out though!

[color=blue]Thank you! :hug: I was wondering about blue moon berry
with a pink lemonade. blue and red make purple… would blue and pink make Periwinkle? I can see myself at the grocery store this weekend pondering this in the Kool Aid isle. :rofl:

sebago, ME[/color]

Maybe try a little snip of yarn before doing the whole thing to make sure you like the color. (This comes from someone who has a few regrets about a certain dye job. :wink:)

I think this would be better than grape. Grape comes out really dark. I would start with the lighter blue and pinks and mix and then add just a dash of grape to make it darker. Try using it on some thing cheaper first like woolease (they make a %100 wool) or patons or something before you use something really nice. Good luck!