Kool-Aid Dying and Felting

If I dye wool using Kool-Aid, can I still felt with it??

I don’t think its a silly question at all – but I don’t know the answer, maybe try adjusting the subject of your thread to “kool-aid dye and felting” so people have a better idea about what you’re asking (might get more people to check in your thread.

I would say absolutely yes, just based on my limited experience with dying and felting. Dying will not get in the way of felting. The only issue might be that your dye might bleed, run into other colors, or fade, during the felting process, just like it might when washing.


Jessica – Good point about the subject …it’s not like me to be so ambiguous with subject headings; don’t know what I was thinking. :slight_smile:

Amy – Good point on the bleeding; perhaps I’ll stick with a single color to start with.

Thanks to both of you!!!