Kool Aid dyed wool

heres my wool that i won on ebay (the beige)

here it is dyed in kool aid… black cherry, tropical punch, and strawberry lemonaid.

this is going to be my booga bag!!! :happydance:

Nice colors. I think it will make a beautiful bag. :smiley:

OOO! Very nice job! The colors look great together.

thanks ladies!!! :heart:

VERY NICE!!! Cannot wait to see the finished bag!

Love the colors! I am totaly inspired! I have some natural knitpicks I need to get dyed!

YAYYY! That’s gonna look AWESOME!

i was thinking of starting with the dark and work my way up to the light… but i king of want the colors to blend into each other… any suggestions how to do that?

You could start to gradually alternate rows. For example, five dark, one light, three dark, two light, two and two, one and one. I’d practice first on something and see if the colors are close enough to get away with this.

have you tested a swatch to make sure the colors don’t run? Or maybe that could work to your advantage?

i thought about that too. i remember seeing on crafters.com this girl knitted a tank and it was orange , orange yellow and yellow. and it just gradually blended into each color. and she had dyed her skeins individually. it was so pretty. but now i can find the thread so i can show you all! :wall:

Ingrid… i’m not that smart… i have 4 kids that have stolen brain cells therefor do not understand what you are trying to explain! :oops: i’ll have to read it again maybe it will register the second…third… maybe the fourth time…

This has been brewing in my mind for a little while, and I have a better idea, I think.

let’s say you’re trying to blend the darkest (D) with the next lightest (L) Knit for as many rows as you want with D, then alternate D and L for a few rows.

Then switch to all of the lighter color.

The other way I suggested might create too many stripes, anyway.

when you say alternate do you mean change color every row til i want the next color? like k dark then dldldl then k light… if so that might work…i wish i could find that picture!!! :devil:


ok thanks… don’t mean to sound so dumb!

i guess i should have asked all my questions here… we’ve just jumped all over the board!! :thumbsup: