Kool-aid dye job

Not sure if this should be under this topic, but it’s a FO of sorts…
I dyed my own sock yarn last night, used knit pics bare merino and 2 packs of black cherry kool aid (would have used 3 but didn’t want it to be too dark) I took lots of pics so please see my blog for them, didn’t want to post all those on here…leave a comment if you so choose.
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Looks good to me :cheering: and nice color.Good job :inlove:

Ohh I want to see what kind of pretty socks that makes. Great color!

:cheering: :cheering: I love it!!! I bought a sock kit from KP and I’ve been chomping at the bit to do the Kool-Aid dye. I’m glad that 2 packets will do. I’ve got 2 packets of Tropical Punch but I really like the way the Black Cherry looks. I may have to get some of the Black Cherry. Oh decisions, decisions!!

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Nadja xxx

[color=indigo]Nice job. Here’s a couple of socks I did with KA yarn.


the black cherry dye bath was a LOT darker than the yarn turned out, so when you dye yours make sure that the dye bath is darker than the color you want the yarn to be, you can always dilute with more water (at least I’d think so).

When you dye your own yarn how do you get those different colors?

This was my first time, and I think it was verigated because parts of it hit the dye bath first, and so those parts soaked up the most of it and the rest of it got less dye. That’s all I could figure, but that’s fine with me, I wasn’t wanting solid anyway.

Love the color–that’s for posting the little tutorial–I’ve always wanted to know how to dye w/ kool-aid!