Kool-aid dye and KnitPicks

Though i’m abroad, i’m considering dyeing yarn for my needs and i’ve read around a bit and actualy discovered what Kool-aid is :rofling: that was funny to me… i read a tutorial on that and started checking where i can get undyed yarn for really reasonable prices, because buying hand-dyed yarn+shipping is way too much for me. I can get Kool-aid on eBay (lots of colours and lots of bags for low cost) and i saw that KnitPicks sell Bare yarn that is undyed. So here is the question - they have there a superwash bare yarn [COLOR=red]here[/COLOR] and they say it’ll dye. Can superwash wool take the dye? Anybody tried?
Thank you :hug:

and i know KnitPicks won’t ship intl, but i have a US address for that :cheering:

[COLOR=darkorchid]Yes, it takes dye very well. Pics here on my blog![/COLOR]

the superwash takes dye great! if you look in the show off your dyed yarns thread here, my ‘watermelon’ colorway is on KPs superwash bare yarn :slight_smile: have no fear!

now go, order yarn!:teehee:

I haven’t used kool-aid, but dying KP’s bare yarns is one of my favorite things about Knit Picks!! I’m using some superwash that I dyed for my entrelac socks!