Komec Cure Puff ball scarf

Would like help with an instruction in this scarf. It says to cast on one stitch with smaller needle. Change to larger needle. 1st row: (k1,p1) in stitch, working new sts between puff balls. 2sts.

So far I understand. Here is what I don’t:

2nd row: (k1,p1) in first stitch. Knit to end of row. Rep. Last row until there are 14 sts.

I’m not sure how to knit and pearl in the same stitch.

Also, on row 1, does k1, p1 in stitch just mean to knt one pearl one. The “in stitch” is throwing me off.



It’s like the kfb inc, but you don’t work in the back leg. Knit the st, leave it on the needle, then move the yarn to front and purl into the front of the st.