Kollage square needles?

Anyone tried these? I bought one directly from their website- a size 3, 40" circular. I started a pair of child-sized socks, and before I even finished the pair, the finish was chipping off. I emailed them and they sent me out a replacement needle at no cost, which was wonderful. Unfortunately, the replacement did the exact same thing! Maybe if that were the only problem, I would be willing to try again… however, I hate the join between needle tip and cable. It’s a big bump and it’s hard to wrangle the stitches over the bump. The cable part is fabulous, it’s amazingly soft, but the other problems are too much to deal with.

I was just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences with these needles? I know I knit a bit tight when knitting in the round, but I never have trouble moving stitches on my knitpicks circs. They have a nice smooth join, and the stitches just flow. On the Kollage, I literally have to stop every few stitches and force the stitches over the bump.

I haven’t tried those, but I am having the same problem (bump) with the bamboo circs I am using right now and it is totally aggravating! I really must invest in the knitpicks set!

The owner of my lys wants to bring in another needle line and has been ordering different needles and having her regulars try them all out. Those square needles were the only ones that we all liked.
However, the sample we were all knitting on wasn’t wide enough for the join to be an issue. Really, I think we all were so in love with the cable that we didn’t even look at the join. :teehee:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I’m very new to circular knitting… in fact, I’m just making my first project with them… but I bot a circular needle called Addi Turbo… amazing things.:woohoo:
They are nickel plated and smooth as silk… no bump and the cord is so nice and flexible. It didn’t need straightening out. Right from the package, I was able to start knitting with them.
I’m so in love with them… I know what I want for Christmas! LOL!
I’ve tried a bamboo circular… the join was okay but I found it hard to get any real rythmn going as the yarn seemed to stick to the needles.
I’ve also got some cheaper circulars I picked up used… don’t like them at all. The cord is so tense, it’s in a curl and you need to use hot water to get them to straighten out at all.
No, I’m sold on Addi Turbo’s … but, Man, did I ever think they were expensive! Of course now, I think it was worth it… LOL!

Thanks for the replies!

CDJack, that’s what’s so sad… the cable is AMAZING on those Kollage needles. I told them that in my email, too. But that bump is just too much to get past, and the chipping finish is snagging my yarn.

They’re going to refund me and send me another needle too, so that is awesome customer service. And they’re going to put me on the mailing list so I’ll know if they make any changes or new needles.

I love the Addis too, and I have several pairs, but only because I got a fantastic deal on them on eBay. They are expensive, and I think the Knitpicks Harmonies are just as good and more versatile. I haven’t tried the Options, but I’m thinking about getting some.

TEMA, I just made a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves, and since my attempt at Magic Loop went horribly wrong (I’ll try again some day) I got some bamboo DPNs, and they were great for such a small diameter knit in the round. I was afraid I’d have laddering problems, but the bamboo let me snug the stitches tight, and you can even see the transition from needle to needle.

I have the Options and love them. Maybe Marria will give us a comparison of the two.

I haven’t tried the options yet. :slight_smile:

I think the Harmony needles are great though, especially for lace knitting. I also love my addis. I’ve got some Susan Bates circulars, but I don’t care for the joins on them, and the needle parts are made out of a hard plastic which is hard to slide my yarn across.

ETA: I do have some Clover bamboo circulars as well, and I like them for slippery yarns like cotton. I [I]don’t[/I] like the Addis for slick yarn, they are too smooth and the yarn slides right off.