Koigu neck cozy pattern help

i scanned the pattern and put it on imageshack.

my grandma doesn’t understand on the left side of the page 18-28.Knit, what does that mean? thanks

It means you knit for row 18 through row 28.

that’s how I see that, too.
just knits for those rows, no purls.

by the way: You shouldn’t put the whole pattern up, just the lines that you have trouble with…

the same 11 rows of knit show up on the right side of your pattern where 1-11 you shall knit.

thanks for the help (by the way hyperactive, the pattern was not copyrighted)

glad I could help. Didn’t want to offend you. It is just the usual forum rule.

Any pattern is whether on paper or on a website [B]is[/B] copyrighted, even if it’s free. This one belongs to patternworks and/or the designer Karen Ko. Free doesn’t mean not copyrighted.