Knuckle ache?

I may have posted this a LONG time ago, but this happens to me… I get knuckle aches when I knit. I’ve been knitting this sock for three days and just now after knitting for awhile today my middle knuckle on my right hand started to ache. I knit Continental style. Does anyone know why this may be? Does it happen to everyone? I don’t hold the needles tight and my other hand doesn’t get cramps. I’ve been taking breaks every round of the sock, so I dunno what it is. I don’t really get cramps there except when I knit (and sometimes from scrolling the mouse) :thinking: I hate it because I want to keep knitting, but it’s uncomfortable. It’s not a sharp pain, it just feels achy.

Angela, I really hate to say this, I’m not an authority on knuckles…but bone pain…I am! It does sound as if it may be arthritic changes. Or, if it’s happened just recently, it could be some sort of sprain. If I may suggest, when it flares up again, alternate putting ice for 15 minutes (or 5, 10, whatever u can handle) with the same amount of time with heat for a couple of repeats & see if that helps. If it doesn’t clear up with some time…ask a doc…bc knitting is life, right?! AND, you can try not knitting for a few days while doing the cold/hot therapy & see if that clears it up, the inactivity may help.

Well, it really only happens when I’ve been doing something repetitively, but usually when I’ve been knitting for a while. It goes away when I stop knitting for a day or two. If I’m on the computer scrolling through posts all day it happens to, but it goes away when I stop doing it so much. But with knitting it just sucks because I want to go on! grr. I do think I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel, and that may trigger this…I don’t know. MY wrist only hurts when I’m doing repetitive stuff for a while too like crocheting.

Bingo, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, it does sound like you have a repetitive stress thing going on to me, unfortunately.

If at all possible, try changing the position you hold your hands when you’re knitting in and the way you hold the mouse when scrolling – they have cute little foam wrist pads for such things available, but try it maybe with just a ball of yarn or something to see if it helps first before you spend the $$ on that (if it doesn’t work for you, you won’t have wasted yarn money on it!!!)…There may also be excercises you can do that will help alleviate the pain if changing positions helps.

The ice and heat (moist!!!) thing will help when it happens too, but if at all possible you do want to prevent any further injury and the only way to do that is to change positions if at all possible.


Yea, I pretty much figured. Damnit. I just looked up the exercizes yesterday for my hands and I’ve been doing them. I’m pretty sure I hold my needles like everybody else. I wonder why not a whole lot of people have the same problem :??

Another problem though is that I’m pretty petite, and aside from my friend who was close on dwarfism, I’ve met no one else with smaller, thinner hands than me. So the mice I use are pretty large for my hands. My boyfriend just lent me the smallest he has though, so I will see if this helps. I was using a trackball mouse because of my carpal tunnel syndrome, but it ended up making my wriste ache again because of it’s size and the awkwardness of my hand movements to get the ball to move (It’s been about half a year since I bought it.)

I was going to try to contact logitech to suggest making smaller mice, but couldnt find anything but customer service.

My boyfriend wants to buy me a laptop mouse that you point and click in the air which is really really small. I think the thumb is used, actually.

Thanks for the input too. I dont know how else to hold the needles though, and I dont know what Im doing wrong to make my knuckles ache. :doh:

yep, I think repetitive motion, too, especially after u mentioned the carpal tunnel deal…sounds better than arthritis! Yeah, it sucks to have to reconform the way you are doing something bc it causes u pain. You know, it seems as though that some company would have to make smaller mouses…meeses, mice…whatever :wink: for cases just such as yours! i think if you research it perhaps you can find one. In the meantime, repostion & support your hand/wrist as soapdoc suggested and try using another finger on the meeces (mouse!). And the alternating hot/cold therapy…should help with the inflammation and stop any swelling before it begins :wink: . You must fix this, my friend, for your knitting sanity ;)! All kidding aside, if it persists, ask a doc, okay?!

Are u feeling better today? Did u try to stop repititve motion? We need an update!

I think a lot of people do have similar problems–I had wrist issues before so I bought a brace and rearranged my desk at work. That helps, but I still have to limit my knitting sometimes. :frowning: My knuckles hurt sometimes too, especially when I’m using slippery needles. I feel like I’m gripping them harder. Maybe that could be part of it?

I am studying to become a sign language interpreter. My teachers told me that it is best to warm up before doing repetitve things such as knitting. A good exercise is to put your hands into a “C” shape then make a fist. do that over and over to help warm up your hands. If you know that you will be kitting (or typing or signing) make sure that when it starts getting cold out you always wear gloves to help keep your hands from getting to cold. That is all I can think of off of the top of my head. If I think of anything else I will let you know! :smiley:

edit to add: Sorry for any typos it’s late for me. I know, I read it, they’re there.

I am feeling a little better today, and actually I think it’s my muscles that make ache more often than my actual bone, maybe just from using muscles I dont use too often? My actual bone does ache along with it most time too though. Today it was mostly only my muscle below my knuckle…so that wasn’t as uncomfortable.

Of course, today I was barely on the computer which may have helped that. I think I might try staying offline more often - I have a problem :doh:

I do wear a brace sometimes that my mom got me from Walgreens (i think)…it really does help when my wrist is hurting bad, but not my knuckles. And to knit or crochet when wearing that sucker is a biotch. I refuse to crochet especially when I’m wearing it. Man… where did I put the darned thing? :thinking:

I try to be more cautious of how I hold the needles every few rows so that I don’t grip them too tightly. I don’t grip them really tight, but I do have a tendency to tense up when I’m knitting. And I hate that. It used to make my neck hurt, but not I try to relax when I’m knitting- trying to be more aware. So, if tenseness is apart of it, then it will be slowly going down - hopefully. Since I’m more aware.

Thanks for the suggestions, mintdee. I actually just looked up those excercises two days ago because I have started to get those really bad aches lately - but cutting back from the computer and doing the exercises has helped me. I did the test and stayed offline for a lot less hours today and boy did that ever help.


Wait… that last thing didn’t sound right.


I am well on my way with some knitting on socks today though, and I have yet to find a really comfy knitting position, any tips? I usually lean on pillows while sitting up and prop my arm up on the covers/pillows too. I’ve also noticed that if I get too “into” my knitting, without realizing it, I will have the needles like 4 inches away from my face and my neck and shoulders will be tensed up and I am leaning foward.

I don’t have any sight problems - I see like a hawk…when I begin to knit anything I knit very tightly though.

LOL, Angela, I knit in bed, of course, it’s due to my disability, but I’m usually found propped on pillows in a lounging position with a heating pad…yes, I have fallen asleep many times when I knit…but haven’t lost a st :wink:

Hey, Angela. Hope you are feeling better today and can get back to knitting soon. I have the exact same problem–I call it Knitters Knuckle! :lol:–on my left hand–my non-dominant hand. The joint closest to my fingernail on my middle finger swells up and hurts like the Dickens when I knit alot. I’ve been knitting like crazy on a charity project and my finger is so swollen I can’t bend it. So I have to lay off knitting for awhile :crying: But one good side effect–that stiff middle finger sure makes it easier to flip people off. :roflhard: Just kidding.

Take care!

I think I have same problem as you Purlygyrl. Only it is my thumb, very painful, a little swollen. Sends pins and needles into my thumb and arm. It is getting better because I have not knit for 5 weeks :frowning: I will try and knit soon, I hope pain does not come back.

Well, mine doesn’t get swollen, and its my knuckle on my right hand, middle finger, sometimes ring finger - the bottom knuckle closest to my palm amd most times the muscle underneath my knuckles. No swelling just some aches. It comes and goes still. I still can’t think of another way to hold the needles. Now I am crocheting though… I have a bag I HAVE to finish. The ache is still there, just with a hook.