KntPicks sock yarn!

Hey Becca–and anyone–what’s the favorite sock yarn from KnitPicks for you?? I want something very soft, I’d LIKE it to be machine washable–I know you can’t dry most of them in the dryer. Can you make Alpaca socks–do they hold up?? I’ve still got my gift certificate and I’d like to get something really yummy!!

I can’t give you a fave that is machine washable!! My faves are the painted merinos BUT the Simple Stripes & Essential are soft and machine washable. As is Dancing, which I LOVE…it’s a bit different bc it’s got cotton & a bit of elastic in it…but I love it, naturally :wink: And the Parade is more of a sport wt yarn, makes a bit thicker, sturdier sock, I’ve not used it, but have heard wonderful reports about it.
I also like palette for socks, but with this I add wooly nylon for reinforcement.
So, all that said, for soft washable socks…Simple Stripes, Essential, Dancing (not as ‘soft’ as the others bc of the different makeup, but still comfy…great spring sock) and the Parade.
And the merinos if u don’t mind hand washing your socks (I don’t :wink: )

I got the parade not too long ago and love it. haven’t knitted with it, but it is nice and sturdy and machine washable

I totally saw “Knitpicks sucks” for this headline. :shock: I need new glasses

HAHA! I would never say KnitPicks SUCKS!! (Well not so far, certainly!!) But I DO totally need glasses–so I feel for ya!I’ve had great luck with them.
\ I don’t have a problem handwashing my socks, it’s just the folks I knit them for might have that problem!

Thanks a bunch! I like Shepherds Socks by LL but KP doesn’t carry that!! :frowning:

Oh, I’m with ya, I don’t know who I would use my fancy dancy handwash, painted sock yarn on besides me and Lonnie :shock: ! That is saved for us :wink: