Known fact: I hate socks! but

Hi all, I can not for the life of me knit socks…but I purchased some really nice stuff and a “niece” of mine has requested a pair of “hand made” socks…How could I refuse? It’s not the circ thing ( can use ML or DPN’s) it’s the rest of the sock…anyway, here’s the question…she is a “larger” girl…chances are her calf and ankle are probably not your standard sock size…so should I just dbl the pat for the calf? Or guess and Crossed Fingers ? Or does one of you lovely knitters out there have a pat for a “larger” lady’s sock? Her foot is a lady’s 9.5 to 10…BTW can’t measure her…as she lives down South!!!

Did you check Ravelry? Lots of plus size patterns and I found some socks.

Knit to fit her shoe size, but make sure that you use a stretchy cast-on (like the Old Norwegian, a.k.a German Twisted). Also, pick a pattern with built-in stretch, like a rib, rather than something that constricts, like a cable. And make the sock leg about 2" longer for her than you would for a smaller person. If the leg has to stretch a bit more sideways to fit her, it will get shorter, and you don’t want a patch of leg showing between the sock and the pantleg!