Knowing which decrease to do

I am doing a little baby swing coat, started with the sleeves,I am to shaping the raglan…I am to decrease at each end of the row, how do you know which decrease to do? Does it matter on sleeves? Can I K2tog? Any other patterns I have done specify which decrease to use, and I am not experienced enough to know which one…


I usually do a a ssk for a left leaning decrease and a k2tog for a right leaning decrease. However you may also a try to slip 1, knit 1, than psso instead of ssk.

I wanted to add, that the pattern states to make 2 sleeves the same…

You can do them at the same time, or you carefully make note of where you do the decreases and how long you make the first one so the 2nd one will match.

Mystery Gyrl’s answer is good but I just wanted to add you want the left slanting decrease at the beginning of the rows and the right slanting one at the end of the rows.

What Suzeeq said is good for the both the same issue. I just wanted to add that they really mean “the same”, you don’t have to reverse shapings or anything, they are just the same on each sleeve.