Knowing left from right

I am working on a sweater for my son, who is 2.5 years old. I have only made two sweaters before this one. I think i have an error. I have completed my front and back and now my intructions are to sew up the top of the sweater and then i will pick up stitches for my sleeves. I think i have got confused about the left and right shoulders therefore have my project the opposite of what it should be as far as the buttonholes. Does anyone have any information about distinguishing what the pattern says as far as left and right. is it referring to left and right when I look at it or the child’s left and right. Thanks for your feedback.



Just look at the shape of the pieces. It seems from your description that you have a back and 2 fronts, correct?

Set the back on a table, wrong side up.
Set the 2 fronts on top of the back, and you’ll be able to see how they should go. The shoulder area will have a slightly higher edge on the part that will go closest to the neck. Plus, you’ll have the armhole edge to guide you as well.

Once you’ve got the correct orientation, just flip the front over to the back, and you’ll have right sides together for sewing, or pull the back out from underneath, if you’ll be weaving the shoulder seams together.

Hope this helps.


The right a left parts of a sweater are as you wear them, not as you look at them.

thanks for the repy. there is only one front and one back and have no problem putting the pecies together. i just have a general question about left from right when reading a pattern because i think that is where i went wrong on this particular pattern.

It sounded to me like you meant the shoulder shaping. Again. Lay the back on a table, then put the front on top of it. If one shoulder looks funny, you’ll need to redo that one.