Know your side?

Okay… quick question… as noted in my blog… I Screwed up a project I’m doing because I Wasn’t sure what row I was on…

Now I’m doing a Purl-Knit scheme (so basic stockinette)

Now when the V’s are facing you … you should knit and when the bumps are facing you … you should purl… is this how you can tell which row you are on…

Basically I put down the work and after a few hours I Was like… ummmm… which row am I on. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone…

This is correct. Here’s how I remember. I put a safety Pin on my Purl side. :thumbsup:

Well on stocking stitch yes, for me I just go with the bumps and v’s. For more complicated patterns I go with the tail leftover from my cast on. Whatever row my first row is (usually right side) I know the tail hangs off the top. So the wrong side row has the tail on the bottom.

Make sense?!

Very much so… thank you all… :slight_smile:

I Appreciate all the help

here’s how I usually remember what side I’m on, I usually cast on using the long tail cast on, and there’s usually enough of a tail left over for me to use. so with that in place, when the “tail” is on my right, then I’m working the right side, and when it’s to the left, i’m on the wrong side.