Know what I got today?!

My first set of DPNs! :happydance: I picked up a set of size 8 at Michael’s, 'cause the only other size they had was 10.5. I got them to make some knitted flowers to cover the goofs on my Aran sweater. I eventually want to make gauntlets as well, anyone wanna recommend a KP yarn to use for them? :cheering:

ETA: They are bamboo!

Congrats!! Funny I was looking at the same thing yesterday at Michaels but didn’t know what size I should get cause I have never used these before and thought I should wait til I needed them for a hat I am planning that is to be knitted in the round then finished with dpn’s.
I am a little afraid of them cause I think I will have a heck of a time holding them together Yikes!! :rofl:

I’m right there with ya hon, I have no coordination at all!

Congrats on your foray into dpn knitting, it’s fun :cheering: I would think that most any worsted wt yarn would do fine…Swish for example :wink:

Becca, I just checked the free knitting patterns on and there is a free pattern for cozy slipper socks using size 8 dpn’s. I don’t know if you would be interested in that but if you are, it’s pattern 50642. :blooby:

I made that pattern this spring. Just so you know, it knits up pretty big. I have size 7 1/2 feet, and my feet were sliding around in them. Unless you have really wide feet or knit very tightly, you might want to use size 7 needles.

Don’t be afraid!!! :slight_smile: I’ve found that the first 3 sts or so are a bit akward, but once the yarn is joined in the round it gets SO much easier.

Congrats!!! :slight_smile:

I decided to get Shine Sport in Crocus :smiley: I only ordered 2 skeins, but will prolly hafta get more 'cause I want my gauntlets to be loooooooooong. Ah the joys of being poor :rofl:

Don’t be afraid of DPNs, just think of the others as stitch holders when you aren’t knitting with them. Snug the last stich on the needle you are finishing and the first two stitches on the next needle-as you knit them- and you’ll be fine.