Know length of cable?

i have the boye interchangable circular needle set. and i was wondering how do i know which cable extention thing is which size? how do i measure it? do i measure with the needle on from tip to tip or just the plastic part?
sorry for sounding dumb but i really have no idea!

What length circ are you trying to make? If you are trying to match it to a pattern, the pattern usually calls for a tip-to-tip measurement.

i think it was 20 inch or 16 inch i dont remember exactly. i’d have to recheck it. i wanted to know how to measure first :slight_smile:

i got a set of boye too …it seemed they have weird sizes on their cable …well to measure the cable length it would be from one end of your tip needle to the other end … good luck with your project

The needle length is measured tip to tip. The cable itself will be 8-10 inches shorter than the total length because the tips are 4-5 inches each. So a 16 inch cable will make a needle about 24 inches long.