Know how to knit but not how to complete a knitting project

Hi all,
I know the subject of my email sounds a little weird. I was taught to knit by my grandmother back in my teens but I never had to worry about completing a project and paying attention to stuff like doing a gauge, counting stitches, etc. My grandmother did all of that and simply gave me the job of doing the actual knitting :-).

Now in my 40’s, I want to take up knitting again because I remember how much I really loved it and I also want a way to relax in the evenings (without the TV and Oreos ;-)).

So I’m at a loss as to how to do a project, from beginning to end. I know the middle part of it - casting the stitches, following the pattern, binding off, etc. But how to begin? How do I do a gauge?

I’m looking right now at some online knitting classes or a knitting how-to book that will explain this but there are so many out there. I prefer an online knitting class, as I do better with videos and when I see things visually than when I read them.

So any tips and video links would be really great. Again, I’m not looking for how-to stuff like how to do a knit or purl stitch or how to bind off (I already know those things). I’m looking more for instruction on how to begin a project and follow it through.

As for projects, I’d like my first one to be a simple winter hat, as I really need one! I also know these are relatively easy projects if they don’t have a lot of bells and whistles added to them (which I am fine with - I’m rather a conservative dresser anyway).

Thank you!


Welcome to KH!

First of all don’t over think it. A gauge is simply a 4x4" square usually done in stockinette stitch unless otherwise stated. Then you count the stitches. Not all projects require a gauge swatch though.

Do you have a pattern?