Know anything about Schaffhauser yarn?

Back in the 70’s, I saw a sweater I wanted to make. You had to send off for the pattern. Never sent off for it. Thought about it again last Christmas, and scoured e-bay for the book. Now I have the book. It is a Schaffhauser Mode book. It appears that Schaffhauser is out of business. So, the yarn they want you to use is vintage stuff, if you can find it. One of the yarns is Schaffhauser Wolle Gigi, and the other one is Schaffhauser Wolle Coton Ribonette. I haven’t got a clue what to exchange for it. There is a vintage yarn site on the internet, but they don’t list these particular yarns. The gauge is roughly 8 st=2" with the Gigi on a size 6 US needle. Any help would be appreciated. :wall:

eBay :shrug:

Hi deadringer

I’ve only just seen your post. I used to work for Schaffhauser - proper name Schoeller Albers AG - when I was a teenager and sadly they moved to Germany, for tax reasons I believe. I doubt that you’ll find anyone who has those particular yarns available but what I suggest is to look at the gauge and chose modern yarn with the same gauge. As I too have a few pattern books left from those days I’ve done this a couple of times and so far so good. Good luck!

At that gauge with those needles, it could be a DK weight yarn. Check for yarn with a gauge of 4 st/inch on size 6.

I just saw a bunch for sale on Ebay. I was trying to find more info myself but maybe you can find excatly what pattern calls for.

I saw Schoeller Esslinger Leone Ribbon in white @ Ebay. Good luck.
Heidi Again