Know a pattern for Rowan Handknit cotton (13 colors)?

Hi. I finished a sweater recently and now I have less then a skein each of thirteen different colors of Rowan Handknit Cotton (OK, two of them are Rowan Cotton Glace). Does anyone know of a good pattern/project for me to use them up? (I have never done Fair Isle, so if anyone suggsts a Fair Isle pattern, please suggest an easy one.) Thanks.

I’d love to see the vest you made!

What are your colors like? Bright and vibrant? Earthy and warm? Cool and pastel?

Did you want to make something for yourself? Are there kids you could knit for? Just asking because I saw some cute stuff with Rowan yarns in this book

including the “Cheesecake” sweater which would be so cute and looks like a good start at Fair Isle, or something simpler like the “Peaches” blanket.

In answer to your first question, (I saw your comment on my posting with a picture of the sweater, that is the sweater I was talking about- I figured I should showcase it in the What’cha knitting section instead of in this thread here. Thanks for the compliment!) as you can see, the colors are all of the above. It has brown which qualifies as earthy, bright red/yellow/greens, and pastel pink/ turquoise/purple. The only colors it doesn’t have are yellow, white, and black.
I don’t mind making things for myself or others. Since it is only little bits of each color, a childs piece may work better instead. That Rowan link you sent is a cute book. Peaches or Cheesecake or Strawberry may work. I do have a niece and nephew who are almost 5 and almost 2, respectively. Perhaps I need to order that book… Thanks again!