Know a good christian college in or near CA?

I am totally overwhelmed looking for a college for my daughther…I hear so many things about “party schools” for $50 Grand a year…I thought I would see if anyone here is aware of a medium sized , christian college in or near CA… or any other non christian schools that aren’t hard core party schools… thanks!!!

Does your daughter have any idea where she would like to go to school. Or what field she would like to specialize in?

I am sure you’ll get some great responses here. Just provide a little more info to get people going in the right direction.


There was a thread started by [B]ecb[/B] a week or so ago that had some great advice, you may want to read that.

I’d probably start by going to your daughter’s school guidance counselor and picking up some of the guide books offered there. Your options will vary greatly depending on what she thinks she may want to study.

“Party Schools” can be state or private, “expensive” or “cheap” [I](those terms are relative, cuz “cheap” schools are still gonna set you back into the tens of thousands over 4 years!)[/I], large or small, christian or not.

And a Party School to one potential student may be a hard working environment for another–it’s what you make of it. If you want spend you days drunk you’ll probably find a way to do it even on the driest campus (and likely find a very dangerous way to do it). And I’ve known studious people who had discipline, buckled down, studied and got great educations at large state schools that some might consider “Party Schools.”

Good luck!
Linky[B]to thread mentioned above[/B]

She wants to get a business degree…I have been looking and have identified some colleges
University San Diego
any feedback on these? thanks… I will check that other thread as well…From what I am told… some college dorms are so loud and roudy that it is difficult to study … I have been told that some are worse than others…thanks for any imput you have!

I either attended or have friends that attended just about all the schools that you mentioned. My best friend and four of her siblings graduated from Westmont, it’s that type of school.

My son is attending Corban College,

they have graduate business degree programs.

Corban is a very beautiful college outside of Salem, Oregon.

Westmont is a good school. A close friend and four of her siblings graduated from there, it’s that type of school.

She might want to check out Corban College

It’s a beautiful college outside of Salem, Oregon. They have a business degree program.

If you need a contact person in the area, let me know. My son is attending there.

To be honest, I think it is more about your daughter than the school. As long as she has her head on straight, she will be okay. College is about learning, not only about business or your chosen major, but also yourself. She will make mistakes, stay up too late, party too much etc. but she will learn. No matter what school she chooses there will be partying including drugs and alcohol.
One thing I can suggest is an all girls dorm, they are usually quieter for studying and such.

A couple of my friends went to Biola. They enjoyed it there; great environment, and peers.

There is Talbot as well.

The college experience is what you make of it. I went to UCLA, which some may think has a decent party atmosphere, but I never partied. The parties aren’t in your face, and no one can ever study in the dorm unless you have phenomenal concentration abilities. The dorm is your home during the school year, and even if it is quiet, is still filled with distractions, such as neighbors to talk to, your computer, TV, and… yes… even cleaning instead of studying.

There are plenty of places on campus to go study, and as for a religious element, there are MANY religious groups on campus that have weekly meetings and many hold additional bible studies.

EDIT: and one more thing… even though it may not be a party school by reputation, parties can be found. I talked to someone who went to Pepperdine, and she told me that they would come to UCLA’s fraternities to party. So again, all about choices.

Theres Biola University in La Mirada

Life Pacific College in San Dimas

And Azusa Pacific University in Azusa

I know different people who went to all these schools and they enjoy them very much.

One of the reasons that I suggested Corban is that I know for sure that if they want to party, they have to go off campus. On top of that, they are asked to sign forms stating that they won’t while in school there.

My son is twenty-eight, married with one child, and an E7 in the Army, they didn’t ask him to sign what he refers to as the ‘chastity’ form. Not making fun of it, just says it’s a bit late for him. :slight_smile:

My BIL went to Chapman University, which is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It’s in Orange, CA.

Some other links: (their list includes many listed above)

If by “Christian” you specifically mean a specifically evangelical or “Christ-centered” education, you might like this site:

For schools which don’t have a reputation for partying at all, see the “The Party has Left the Building” list here:

I want to repeat what someone else said about college being what your DD makes of it: if she studies and works hard at just about any accredited university, she’ll do OK in terms of career and future. At some point you have to trust that you’ve raised her to make good decisions and that she’ll be fine. She’ll make some mistakes, and learn from them - we all do. My advice would be to be involved in this decision about which college she attends as little as possible - let her make this choice for what is right for her. You might reserve the right to veto someplace you can’t afford or which takes your baby all the way across the country, but let her take this decision. It will serve her well in the long term.