Knotted Mock Cable -help!

Hello Friends & Knitters!
I am knitting a Knotted Mock Cable pattern, it is a panel of 30 sts on a background of Garter Stitch (total of 46 sts with 8 sts either side of the mock cable in Garter).
The pattern lists Row 1-16 which prepares the knitted piece for the mock cable. Then it goes into Step 1-5 for the mock cable and then lists Rows 17-24 at the very end of the pattern.
I happily knit Row 1-16 thinking this was going to be great fun. Then Step 1 came and I got a bit confused. It reads like this:

“Step 1: [K1 tbl twice, P2] twice, K1 tbl twice. Leave remaining sts on spare needle. Turn work and con in pattern for 11 more rows. Leave sts on Safety Pin A.”

When it says to continue in pattern for 11 more rows, does this mean go back up to the beginning of the pattern and follow directions for Row 1? I’m on a wrong side row after following Step 1 and Row 1 at the top is a right side row, which makes me think this is not what they intend for you to do. If I go on to Step 2, I have ignored the cont for 11 more rows- should I just knit the knits and purl the purls, and that is what cont in pat means?

Also, is the spare needle they are talking about different than Safety Pin A?

Thank you for your knit wisdom!

What is this that you’re knitting and do you have a link to the pattern?
It sounds like the mock cable is for a border perhaps of some sort that is continued in the mock cable while most of the sts wait on the spare needle. Safety pin A is indeed different from the spare needle. It’s holding the sts from the mock cable instructions.

Continue in pattern, just means to do the established stitch pattern. That’s only on the 10 edge sts which are “[K1 tbl twice, P2] twice, K1 tbl twice” and whatever you do to them on the other side - probably p2, (k2, p2) twice.

Hello Salmonmac & Suzeeq, thanks for weighing in on this.
Salmonmac-I have tried finding a pattern or at least a picture online to show you what this looks like but haven’t had any luck. (I am knitting straight off a paper pattern.) The pattern is for a decorative stitch, so basically it could become a scarf since it is wide enough and there is no shaping, etc.

Thanks Suzeeq, I will keep this in mind as I forge ahead!