Knots in my yarn

Hi Guys,
I haven’t posted in some time because school has started again, so I must forgo my knitting time for teaching time. I still find a couple hours a day to knit. Hope all of you are doing well.

Here is my dilemma. When I first started knitting, I used inexpensive yarns afraid that I would make a mess of the project or just give up on it, and being the frugal person I am I didn’t want “money” sitting there. I’ve come to realize, just as with sewing, if I’m going to invest a lot of time in a project, it is worth the extra money I spend on good fabric or yarn. I rarely found knots in the inexpensive yarns. Not so with the more expensive ones. I recently finished a sweater using Sublime and had several knots in that. I am presently using some Austral, and I have already found two knots in one skein. I hate cutting the knot out and joining, but I guess that is the best way to hide the imperfection.

Any thoughts on this or is it something that comes with using more expensive yarns. BTW the yarn was not seconds. I bought them at my LYS.

It’s not at all uncommon for yarns of any price to have knots in them. Anything more than 3 or 4 is too many though. In that case, contact the yarn company and most of them will send you a replacement ball. They like to know when their product quality isn’t good enough. This goes for the less expensive as well as more expenive yarns.

I get knots in all types of yarn, expensive or not. If I get more than one per ball (or per 110 or so yards), I get miffed. Which is why I shouldn’t use the Noro yarns, ha ha. They’re famous for their knots.

Oh no, I just bought 5 hanks of Noro from my LYS. I want to use the yarn swift my DH made me. Thanks for the heads up.

Exactly why I always wind/re-wind by hand, to find the knots before I start knitting.

It is annoying but just goes with the territory.