Knots Blow!

I am knitting a shawl with some very nice sock yarn. I am just knitting along, minding my own business and POW! There is a knot from the manufacturer in the yarn.

I have to stop, unknit, join, reknit…:nails:

Not the first encounter with this problem but very irritating, nevertheless. I didn’t expect it from a nice skein.

I’ve run into knots in some Bernat yarn but never yet in Red Heart.

Go figure! :shrug:

That same Bernat yarn (denim-rag: a two color twist) also had a skein with clumpy, lumpy sections where the rag color was twice the thickness or more compared to the other color.

Do you cut out the bad section and do a join or just work it in and hope for the best? I got tired of joining after cutting out bulging streaks and just continued on with out more cuts and joins. It was a poncho and no one has noticed it.

But getting a knot in the middle of a skein is so uncool.

It happens with all yarns. In fact I’ve seen it more with nicer yarns than less expensive. I could be wrong, but, the acrylic fibers seem to be very strong whereas nice wools can actually be broken by hand. Maybe that’s why they have to occasionally be knotted? :shrug:

I’ve run into defects in the yarn, too. Arrrgghhh

mostly I am lucky with that so far.
But a giant ball of acrylic for a baby project had more knots than I had pieces in a baby jacket! It was really frustrating to hide so many ties in the end. The piece was tiny!

with more expencive yarn I have been very lucky, though. But maybe finde wools tend to be more apt for that?

I guess, the more expencive a yarn is the less they want to trow it out when it needs to be joined, too. May that be the problem partially?

Jack, I do cut and re-join if the place is really bad.

One would think that there could be a machine to do a join instead of a knot. :??

Since I hate weaving ends, I usually do a Russian join and have gotten so good at it, I even do it with sock yarn.

I got several balls of Moda Dea that had huge clumps in the colored parts of the multi-colored yarn. I can see why they discontinued that, it was awful. I keep the remaining balls for things like wash cloths or pot holders. It’s all it’s any good for.

I hate having to unknot the yarn, make sure you didn’t booger it all up and then making sure it looks all nice and neat on the join. I recently got some Patons angora bamboo. I’ve used two balls and both had knots.

Elizabeth Zimmerman says if you find three or more knots you should write the manufacturer
Maybe they would send you some free fuzzies for your troubles cloud9

Knit Pick will send you a new ball for 1 knot! I haven’t tried the other manufacturers. But KP has such wonderful customer service that I wouldn’t expect less.

I have only bought two things of yarn (each had like two or three skeins) and both of them had knots. Being the knitting newbie that I am, I just figured that I should just unknot it instead of making a fuss.

My trick? Instead of frogging, just clump the project together and use the needle with the project on it to untangle the knot. Anytime I find a knot, that’s what I do.

I got some expensive-ish (for me) sock yarn from an LYS and I swear every few yards there was a knot/join. That almost never happens with my $3 Knit Picks skeins. It was SO annoying. I actually emailed the company about it, not that they emailed me back.