Knot in yarn

I just started a sweater kit that I ordered from Mary Maxim and in the 1st skein I have come upon a knot in the yarn. Is this something to be expected or should I complain to the company?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, it’s somewhat common. The best thing is to just cut the knot out and join the new end just as you would if you were joining a new ball of yarn. Make sure you leave enough tail yarn for weaving in later. I’d only complain to the company if it happens multiple times in the same ball.

I have ordered from Mary Maxim for years and this is not a common problem. A yarn store owner recently told me it is not uncommon to have 2-3 knots in a skein/hank…that would really be irritating!!! I can deal (unhappily) with one but 2-3 would probably send me over the edge!! tillie