Knot in ball

Finally got several rows done with my DPNs and found a knot in the wool, tying two strands together! It’s a ball of Twilleys Freedom Spirit, and I can see that the colour suddenly changes, rather than does it gradually.

Has anyone come across this before? I’m really miffed, as I suspect I’ll now have to start again - for the 5th time :?

That has happened to me before twice; it was the oddest thing! :?

Fortunately the last time this happened I was 14 and not too particular about how knotty, twisty, or ratty my knitting looked. I think that I would probably kick something if it happened now.


Is it 100% wool? I was working with Patons Merino and had to cut the yarn a couple of times but it is fixable. Take the 2 ends and overlap them onto each other for maybe 1 inch and then I use a spray bottle. Gave it a squirt or two then rub your hands together for a minute or so and you are felting it! When you think it is done, just gently pull on the yarn to make sure it is connected and you are done! Start knitting!

Mmm, it is frustrating - if I didn’t feel so sorry for myself I’d want to kick something! Luckily I just resisted the urge to pull the needles out, so I’ll try your method Debbie, thanks for the tip. It is 100% wool. I think I saw a video in the techniques section so I’ll go and and check it out again. Fingers crossed! :hug:

:cheering: yippee - it worked!!! :cheering:

If you are fussy, the Russian join or felted join may be best for you. If you don’t like the next colour, just join where in the ball you see a colour that you do want to join. And don’t forget to search for previous posts on the same topic before you make a new post.


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