Knot from hell

so, i got 3 skeins of a beautiful yarn yesterday - it is made up of 3 seperate yarns twisted together. last night i decided to ball one up, so i unwound the skein, then left it alone while i attended to some other business. when i came back, my dog had decided the yarn was his plaything, and he had bunched it up, rolled around in it, and generally did horrible things to it. now it is one huge, knotted mess. does anyone have any tips on how to get my pretty yarn knitworthy again? i hate to scrap it just because i can’t get the knots undone…

Sounds like a challenge that should be on Survivor! :teehee:

No tips except to just be patient. Find one end and work it slowly through the knot.

I’ve had this happen several times while trying to wind my yarn.

Another thing to remember is to not pull at the yarn that hard, especially if it’s a natural fiber. I’ve had wool felt up on me when I’ve tried to untangle knots.

This has happened to me, too, but my kids were the culprits (yarn wound around table legs, tied around toy car wheels, etc). Kids are harder to forgive than dogs, because kids shoud know better! Sometimes I think I could have had the project all done in the time it took to wind the yarn back up. Good luck, and remember: Persistence prevails when all else fails…

it took all day, but i unravelled it! now to keep it far, far away from my nosey puppies.

you GOT IT


i thought I was maybe the only one that liked that
you might not have enjoyed the challenge like I do
but you didi it



hee hee, thanks for the congratulatory words. can’t say i enjoyed the unravelling process, but i am awfully glad i didn’t have to throw the yarn away…there was one strand of thin, nubbly yarn mixed in that was driving me bonkers - the nubs made it really hard to pull things out smoothly. but all’s well now, and i can get on to using my pretty yarn.