Knot between colors and yarn weights

My brother is having a baby and it’s the first in our family. So I decided to learn how to knit and make her a blanket. I have a couple questions.
First, in the patterns listed on this site, for the baby blanket she says she “knotted” between colors. Does she mean she used the duplicate stitch or double knit-in and then tied a knot in the two yarns to hold them together as an extra safety?
Second, when knitting a blanket is it okay to use yarn of two varying weights, like a 2000 and a 2900, as long as they are the same type of yarn?

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I don’t understand what you mean by weights of 2000 and 2900. Yarn weight refers to the thickness of the yarn which is expressed in gauge or by DK, worsted, bulky. Those sound like either grams or yardage which doesn’t give us much idea what thickness the yarn is. If you want to knit 2 yarn weights double stranded, yes that’s fine. If you want to knit a bit with one weight, then more with another you can run into problems if they’re very different. A thinner yarn will be looser if knit on the same size needle as a heavier one, and/or pull in and that section won’t be as wide.

As for the knotting between colors, I have no clue.

the yarn i bought is a rayon chenille and was listed as 2000ypp and 2900ypp and no gauge info given if this helps.

hmmm, I’ve seen ypp as meaning yards per pound (mostly I’ve seen it looking at hand-dyed on ebay) but I’m personally not entirely sure how that relates to yarn weight as far as wraps per inch or gauge. Most places also list either a wpi or gauge.

I also don’t know why they would suggest knots between colors - I thought knots were to be avoided?

Is your pattern an online on that we could look at? What is the brand/style of yarn?

the pattern is on under patterns:misc children patterns:baby blanket in summer nights for beginners. it is pink, green, and purple.
yep, i got the yarn on ebay. so i’m thinking it is home-dyed after studying all the various yarns and rules at it appears to be a single thread yarn that is a little fuzzy. the more i think about it, the more i’m thinking i will just not mix them to be safe.
i find this so much fun to learn!! i don’t know why more people aren’t doing their own knitting!:woot:

The yarn in the pattern is a bulky, so you could sub any bulky weight or use 2 thinner strands together. And yes, she’s talking about making a knot when joining two ends. It’s probably because of the loose meshy yarn, but I knot the ends in everything and arrange them so they don’t show. They’ve never come loose or worked around to the RS even though I knit at a looser gauge than normal.