Knoon Visor Cap

Hi Everyone ! I’m new to the board , but not new to the site - Love those videos !!

If anyone has made the Knoon Visor Cap , I have a question. :thinking: … How do you attach the Visor to the Band ??? The instruction has you bind off the last 13 stitches on the band and cut the yarn. Then goes on to describe the stitch pattern for the visor .

How the heck to you start the visor ?? Do you pick up stitches from the remaining stitches on the Band ???

Thanks for any help with this !!

Diane :XX:

I haven’t made this, but reading the directions, it seems that you should still have stitches on your needle after binding off.

Bind off 12 sts (in knit); [color=red]knit to the last 13 sts[/color]; bind off 13 sts; cut yarn.

I think you cut the yarn after this since there’s no way to knit back after binding off at the end of a row.

Hi Ingrid ! That’s what was confusing me . I would still have stitches on the needle but not sure how to get back to them to start the visor . Would you start with a another strand of yarn ?? I just can’t get the concept thru my thick skull :doh:

Thanks for your help !!


You’d have to reattach the yarn to work the stitches. I can’t think of any other way. It would be so much easier if they mentioned this in the pattern, huh?

LOL … yes , it would ! I hate to just use my imagination on this … but I guess I’ll give it a shot and see what happens .

I thought maybe it was obvious, and I’m such a rookie I just didn’t get it … :lol:


That is such a cute pattern! I hope you can post pics when it’s done. :happydance:

Thanks Kristi ! I loved the pattern too … hopefully , it will still be cute when I’m finished :smiley: LOL .

I e-mailed the Knoon “contact us” , and got a very nice reply . I’m going to call her tomorrow to clarify the instructions. She’s currently at a convention , seeing all the new yarns and patterns and such … wow, am I jealous !!!

I’ll be sure to post a pic when it’s done …