Knook anyone?

Has anyone tried the knit/crochet combo, called knooking yet? I don’t know how new this technique it but I noticed it today on Facebook.

It doesn’t look too hard, and I can see some benefit to it, but overall, I’m just not sure how efficient this is. After watching the videos, it seems a little too slow. Maybe the instructors are going super slow for teaching purposes. I don’t know.

Just curious if anyone has any opinions on it.

It seems to be just like knitting except you have a hook, and you make a chain. I can see how it would be useful to a beginner knitter who has difficulties with being able to use a knitting needle. But other than that, it seems like if you’re a knitter you might as well just knit.

Here’s a thread that was active over the weekend on knooking. There are a couple of incredible links from the mod, [B]suzeeq[/B]. :slight_smile:

Looks like “knooking” has been around for quite a while, under many different names.


Hi Breeze, I have tried knooking and there is a ravelry goup that is specificly formed for people who know about and want to learn to knook. I get better tension than I do with regular knitting and am told you can use almost any pattern with the knooking tools. Hope you give it a try and enjoy knooking.

Hi Breezed, Knooking looks much like the same technique as Tunisian Crochet only 1) instead of using an afghan hook to hold the stitches in work, an anchoring thread is used to hold them and 2) the work is turned.

Essentially, it is machine knitting stitch by stitch instead of row by row. I can see why crocheters would love this technique, and yes the instructor was working slowly for teaching purposes… =)

Just read your thread on knooking and had to see for myself how to do it. The U-Tube videos are very informative, but I don’t think I have the coordination to knook - but when has that stopped me?

After watching the videos, I realized I had the perfect knooking tools for my first attempt: my Denise Interchangeable Crochet Hooks.

I’m going to give it a shot, and who knows, I may actually learn something new.

I found that you need to use a much larger hook than you would for regular crochet, according to the various sites on the technique.

Ugh, I don’t like this at all! I can’t imagine trying to knit off of a floppy piece of string… knowing that I’m probably going to pull the end of said string out of the butt end of the Knook needle.

:ick: give me regular knitting with 2 needles any time.