Knitwerx Package

Sylvia at Knitwerx knows how to package up the yarn for a happy recipient! It was just like getting a gift - tissue wrapped yarn in a HAPPY color, a personal note on a cute card, color sample of yarn! I’ll be shopping there again!

I found that to be the case, too. It makes you WANT to order from her. :smiley:

oooh, so nice! :cheering:

I agree - I’ve gotten the same treatment every time I’ve ordered from her, and it’s part of what keeps me coming back.

Well, it sure sets Sylvia aside from the rest! I feel like she’s my friend!! She wants me to have this yarn. She wants me to be elated when I open the box! She wants me to ORDER more!!!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Yes, yes she does! Good customer service is rewarding for everyone! :rofling: