Knitty's "Wavy"

is anyone else working on this?
I’m casting on for it tonight, and I could always use a little company :flirt:

here’s the link:

I’ve got too many WIP’s right now, but I would love to see your scarf. What color did you go with?

started off with blue, but its kinda dark and i’m afraid the waves won’t show. i’ll go for a few more inches and see how it works out

Hi there,

I knit this for my mom for Christmas and it turned out great. (there are pictures of it on my blog) It is a headache of counting though so be very careful to count every row. if you miss one or start in the wrong place it is very difficult to rip out and re start from just anywhere!

Good luck!


i had to start over. my gauge was waaay off and i was having like a foot wide scarf ( :wall: thats what i get for not swatching)