Knitty's swell-a few questions on gauge and instructions

First off, here is the link

I have a few questions.

First off, I am confused about the earflaps, it says to Kfb the edges where stated but I am not sure if I am making the stitch K even on the purl rows or purling like Amy’s video on the purl sides. I did purl on purl side, knit on knit side and my flaps don’t look like the picture but I am not sure if maybe that is blocking?

Secondly, it states to join the round and then purl 2 rows. I dont see any sign of this in the pictures on knitty. When I purled 2 rows, you could definitely tell they were purled and I dont like how it looks with the flaps. Did I miss something?

Lastly, (so far lol) I adapted the number of stitches since my gauge was smaller but I liked how much warmer the smaller gauge made the hat. My gauge is 20 st/31 rows=4 inches. This works perfectly following the large size since my dh’shead is right in the middle of the med and large. But looking ahead, I am trying to figure out how to decrease the extra 11 stitches I put in. Instead of starting out with 99 like the large pattern, I have 110. I thought I may have found a pattern to the numbers but the first decrease is based on multiples of 3. Then I looked at the first decrease ont he medium and I have no idea why she decreased it that way. Any experts wanna tell me how to get rid of my 11 stitches? I figure a few extra rows of decreases should work perfectly with my gauge. Yeah, I know its bad to wing it lol.

Since the pattern says to kfb on both sides, that’s what I’d do.

I don’t see where those two purl rows are, either. :?? There may be something on the bottom pic, but it’s hard to tell. If you don’t like the way they look, then don’t do them. I can’t see what difference it would make.

As for the decreases, she gets all of the hats down to 72 in order to get the swirl pattern.

What I’m thinking is if you added a stitch, you’d have 111, and that would be divisible by 3. You could start with k35, k2tog 3times and that would give you 105 stitches. Then k33, k2tog 3 times and you’d have 99 stitches. Then you could follow the directions for the large. I can’t say how it would look since it’s all math, but it might be worth a shot.

As always, Ingrid is there with a great idea! The wave pattern is in sets of 11 st so I could just pop one in after that…

Wait, if you k2tog 3 times, you lose 3 sts, not 6 right? Because so far that is the way its looking. I did [k35, k2tog] 3 times, then [k33, k2tog] 3 times and I have 105 st…

:oops: :oops: :oops: :doh: :doh: :doh: You’re right.

I guess you can either do more decrease rows to get down to the 99, or maybe decrease more often in each row? Now I’m afraid to figure out the math.

I’m sorry!!! :flirt:

Edited to change 72 to 99 since apparently the math side of my brain has atrophied.