Knitty's Monica (pics in progress)

Here’s my version of the pattern. It’s for my 8 year old niece. I didn’t want to use 100% cotton so I used Bernat Crochet Cotton. It’s 70% cotton, 30% nylon and although it’s a crummy pic, the color is a brite pink and it has alittle sheen. I love this yarn! I’m doing the back in stockinette stitch…



Whoa! I really like the addition of the stitch details! And it IS a pretty pink!

:heart: :heart: My niece would love that!What stitch pattern is that??

Shelley: That is beautiful and a lot cuter that the colors they used for the pattern picture. I thought they were awful. I don’t have any girls to knit one of these for :pout: so I guess until I have a girl grandchild, which I may never have, I won’t get to make one.

Thanks! The stitch pattern is this one that was posted on the Lion Brand website. I found a mistake in the pattern, however. On ROW 6, start with K2 NOT K1 as suggested.

It was easy and fun!


Very pretty!

very nice eyelets! :cheering: