Knitty's Bubby Bear

Myjoyoverflows was making this little bear a couple of days ago and I decided to make one. I did it just like it says (oh, I didn’t graft the ends of the arms, just ran the yarn through and pulled), but theirs seemed to have a little more shaping in the feet. :shrug: Maybe I stuffed him too much. I did my face different, and don’t know how I feel about it. When I made the eyes they were smaller, but sewing them on made them a tad bigger and he is big eyed. I may try adding a light part to the eye and see if that helps. The yarn is just some scrap I had in my stash, worsted weight with a few little hairys. Thought it might be bearish.:wink:

and here is another

Here is a link to the pattern.


Adorable! How can a bear not be cute?

Very Cute!

I love this pattern. I made one for a friend’s little girl and she loves it!

With the feet, I found it took a bit of pinching and tweaking to get them to look footish. I’ll see if I can find a decent pick of it.

:happydance: Very cute!!

They are adorable! Thanks for the pattern, I may try to get a couple knitted for Operation Shoebox.


Very cute. I’ve a bear pattern I want to try… maybe in 3 years? :lol: Your’s is very sweet!

They look so happy together bless!

how very very very [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=6][COLOR=red][B]CUTE! :blooby:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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Thanks everyone. I decided to redo the eyes. I took them off and replaced with smaller embroidered eyes. He’s different… better would be a matter of taste. :slight_smile:

I started another creature from the same pattern with some variations. I’m using grey Lopi wool and size 5 needles and changed the feet so they would be more prominent. I haven’t decided if it is a bear or not. May be a cat. :?? I’m thinking an i-cord tail might work well. I’ll probably post a picture when he’s done, and I only have one leg and two arms and the optional tail to go. :woot:

Babies love this bear! They are just the right size for their hands to hold and their mouths to chew on.

Mama Bear