Knitty Woodins question--pattern reading


I’m knitting the random but rather adorable Woodins from the latest Knitty.

I’ve got a question when it comes to shaping the hole on the log lining.

[B]Shape Hole:[/B]
[I]Row 1 [/I][RS]: K1, [k2tog] twice, k to last 5 sts, [ssk] twice, k1. Turn work. 76 sts.

               [I]Even-numbered Rows 2-24[/I] [WS]: K all sts.

When knitting the bark, the shape hole directions say to work in pattern as set on the wrong side. The hole is worked back and forth on the bark and I assume also for the lining.

But the lining is in all stockinette, so shouldn’t I be PURLING the wrong sides instead of knitting? Or am I just reading this wrong?

I like to have your esteemed opinions before I go off and decide a pattern has a mistake. :mrgreen:

When you work in the pattern as set, it doesn’t mean to repeat the same row. If the RS is knit, then the pattern is probably stockinette so you’d purl on the WS.

Right, but on the bark the pattern is random ribbing knits and purls…so on the wrong side of the bark I purled the purls and knit the knits.

But for the lining, she doesn’t say to work in pattern. She specifically says to knit the wrong sides…but that’s confusing me cuz I’m thinking I should purl them, yeah? I’m also thinking that i’m over-thinking this :teehee:.

Yeah, I think you are. Are you asking about the Log iteself or the lining? There’s two different sets of directions. For the log you work in the rib pattern you have already set up. The lining is all stockinette. Look at the bottom picture.

Yup, asking about the lining. It has separate directions which I’m reading, but those directions do say “knit on ws”, which is why it’s confusing me.

I’m gonna throw caution to the wind and continue knitting the log in stockinette since that’s what the pictures tell me. (Um, yeah…cuz mulling it over for a night and then posting about it several times is really being adventurous and throwing caution to the wind. :teehee:)

Since it’s knit in the round, knitting all rows will make stockinette.

Hey HamaLee,

Post a picture of your woodins and their log home when you’re done. I fell in love with them but didn’t know what I would do with them. Maybe I should knit them anyway…

That’s kind of why I’m knitting them too, they were just random and cute. I’m sending them off to my brother as a birthday present when I’m done. Then it’s his problem to deal with where they should live and what they should do. :mrgreen:

It’s not knit in the round, though-- I mean, for the most part it is, but for the bits where the hole is, it’s worked flat.

The picture does seem to look like all stockinette; I don’t think it’ll matter horribly since it’s the inside of the log, but if I were making it – and that is a totally adorable pattern :heart: – I’d probably stick with stockinette.