Knitty Trellis collar question

Can someone please help me out with this portion of the pattern???

[color=red]With RS facing, place held sts from Right Front (Buttonhole Band sts) on needle and join yarn. Work these sts in Seed Stitch as set, then pick up 6 sts along the lower neck edge. (Note: you will not be picking up sts all the way up the neck edge, only in the first 6-8 rows.) 11 sts on needle.

Work in Seed Stitch until work is long enough to reach along the neck edge to the center back of the neck. Place sts on holder.[/color]

So, I get my 5 stitches from my holder, knit one row, then knit another row, picking up one stitch, and repeat this until I have 11 stitches?? I pick up a stitch from the edge of the sweater, right, not M1 or some other increase? Okay, so if I’ve got that part correct, then once I have 11 st., then it sounds like I just knit a long, skinny flappy collar that isn’t connected to the sweater, except for the 11 st. at the beg. Is that what it sounds like to everyone else???

It just sounds really weird, so I just wanted to make sure that this is the way it’s supposed to be done… :??

I read it as you get the stitches from the buttonhole band on the needle, pick up 6 stitches more, all at once, and then knit a thin band long enough to reach the middle of the back of the neck.

I’ve not done this one but, the way I’m reading it, it seems that you pick up the 6 stitches in one go, from the sixth to eighth row of the lower neck edge - not one for each row.

Does that make sense to you?

But if I pick up the st. on the holder and then the 6 st. all at once, wouldn’t that mean that my long band of knitting, would be going kind of diagonally away from the sweater? Seems like once I sewed it on, it would cause some bunching…??

:thinking: Good point. You’d have to ease it with the sewing. You could try it your way and see what happens. It wouldn’t be difficult to take out if it didn’t work.

Alright…here goes nothing!!!

Thanks for your help, Ingrid and Boogs!! :thumbsup: