Knitty "Tempting" questions

I want to make this pattern from knitty:

I can get the yarn it calls for but would also like suggestions. Maybe somthing from Knitpicks. Looking for inexpensive, not that the called for yarn is that expensive but you know what I mean.

Any help?

I used Knitpicks WOTA for it. I don’t think that I would use it again however. Its not a super soft yarn. I think that the Merino style would have been a better choice or the Silk Twist.

Just a note about the pattern. The neck line is very wide, so you may want to alter it if that isnt something that appeals to you. Also, I think that short rows for the bust would help it from riding so much.


maybe you can be one of the first to try KP’s new Swish Superwash! Looks super nice!

Thanks for the tips! All of those yarns look nice. The swish is very tempting.

i like the merino style. it isnt as soft as cashmerino (that would be hard to do at that price!) but it IS soft. and there are really gorgeous colors.

im curious about the swish. if i order today, im gonna throw in a skein and see whats what

I ordered 7 balls of the Coast Grey swish superwash. I absolutely fell in love with this top. For thos that have made it…

any tips on sizing? For the bust measurement where exactly do I measure on me?

I would love to hear anything else and see some pics!


The sizing was off for me…I can’t remember what size I made…sm or medium but it was pretty big on me for that type of sweater.

If you happen to have interchangeable needles where you can cap the ends and try it on once you get a couple of inches knit, that would really help. I didn’t have those at the time and totally finished it before I realized!

My denise set should be here today and I also have a boye set. I will definitely be trying on as I go. Just looking at the measurements for sizing it looks generous. However, the pic looks slightly form fitting.

Right…it is supposed to be form fitting…that’s why I was so confused when it turned out the way it did. It could have just been me and/or the yarn though! I know a lot of people have successfully knit the top with a nice fit.

Well, this Chest: 32 [36, 40, 44, 48] inches, what happened to 34 inches? No wonder it’s big on kemp.

The pattern calls for cashmerino, isn’t that too hot for the summer?

This was my first ever sweater–I ended up using a cotton blend (DB cotton silk aran) since I’m in a warm climate. It is very stretchy, so I’d err on the smaller side size-wise. Watch your gauge too–it does call for aran weight, and merino style is dk, I believe. Swish sounds good though!

I love mine, I always get compliments when I wear it!

I :heart: merino style!!! And I’m using andean silk right now, and it’s great too. And I love elgance, too, but I’ve only knit swatches.