Knitty Surprises are UP!

I like Thermal and Elbac…but I don’t see myself ever actually making them.

I like Dragonfly…

I just :heart: :heart: LOVE :heart: :heart: “piggle”! I think it’s a totally adorable concept! With all the projects I have in the works right now, by the time I get to knitting it though, it will be next winter! :teehee: I’m planning on making “brown bag” for my older daughter some time soon, though. It’s too practical to wait too long to make it…brown bags at my house don’t last long either, and it seems that siblings don’t like when one takes the other’s lunch! :teehee:

Thermal will be mine, someday…maybe next winter. :slight_smile:

I know eiffel isn’t one of the surprises, but I really love it!

My favorites are Eiffel and Dragonfly and I am NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE EITHER ONE UNTIL I ATTEND TO MY BACKLOG. Hear me, self?!

i really like dragonfly, especially since it has plus sizes!!

I So Love Thermal - it’s on my list now for sure!