Knitty Surprise Is Up

And I was kind of disappointed - I’ve seen lots of generic/universal toe-up sock patterns using a short-row toe and heel. I wish that Widdershins would’ve been universal rather than made for a woman’s medium - I want to use a heel flap for my toe-up socks.

I guess I’ll just have to get around to test-driving the pattern I worked out from Widdershins by converting all of the numbers into percentages based off of a key number - Like EZ’s Percentage System for sweaters.

Yeah, I saw it…I was SO HOPING that the pattern for a cute pair of shoes from BGK was going to be in this surprise … Jillian Moreno told me that there wasn’t enough space in the book for the pattern, but that it was going to be in an upcoming Knitty…I was hoping…

Knitted shoes?

That’s EXACTLY what i was thinkning…

You mean like the Knitty Gritty where they drill holes into shoes and knit into them?

Whoa - WHAT?! This sounds freakishly cool…

I knitted widdershins, and I wear a ladies size 9. The heels and toes are generic, just knit the foot until you get the length you want. I posted a site earlier with a sock calculator for magic circular toe up socks that you can punch your guage and shoe size and it works great.
Here’s the link

and here’s the sock I have done so far.

Aidan… here you go :smiley:

Emerldcutie - what about the toe and heel on the widdershins? Are they pointy, or do they fit the slope of the toes? My first sock (notice I said sock, singular) was pointy at the toe and heel. It makes me look like an elf. :pout: The increases were equal on both sides and feet do not increase evenly on both sides. So I was looking for a pattern that accounted for that. And how about the sock calculator you posted? Does that pattern take that into account?

sorry - didn’t mean to turn the knitty post into a sock post! but i’ve been dying to find a pattern that actually fits my toes

/me reccomends a book like Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. There are several toe and heel options for you to try, like wide toes, star point toes, etc. that have a MUCH better fit than standard toe patterns. Very, very cool book.

I was pretty excited to see the worksheet for the UTUSF, actually. I have a pair of socks to knit on my UFO List (did anyone else but mintee and meee join UFO August) for my son, and thought I’d knock those out with some toe up socks. He’s got weird huge feet for a little boy.

Lucia does RAWK, but it’s cool to have something I can print out and figure the math out any ole’ time too. Um, if my printer was working.

LOL, not really shoes, sorry I wasn’t very clear…I expect that ya’ll all know what I’m thinking…didn’t you know that?!
Anyway, they look to be felted…maryjanes with a cable around the shoe…done in 2 colors. I was going to try to just knock off the pattern, but when Jillian Moreno said that they would be in an upcoming Knitty I thought for sure it would be this surprise…so, I may go back to the knock off idea anyway.

The heel and toe of Widdershins are only generic if you have the same number of stitches that the pattern calls for. If you were to use a chunkier weight yarn, and had to cast on fewer stitches, you wouldn’t have the right number when you get to directions like “k31, m1, k1 w&t” Because 31 might be more than half your sock if you’re using a heavy weight yarn, or it might only be a quarter of your sock if you’re using a finer weight yarn and have more stitches than the pattern expects.

The principle might be universal, but the actual numbers in the pattern aren’t.