Knitty summer 07: Wisp

I just started this project, and so far it looks so small! Has anyone made it? I’ve been knitting it pretty loosely, so I just don’t understand why it looks so much bigger in the pictures.

Are you using the right size needle for your yarn? From looking at Ravelry it does look rather narrow. More like a wide scarf.

I used size 7, which is what Ravelry recommended. It seems fine width-wise, since it looks like it’ll open up a lot once it come off the needles, I’m more worried about the length.

Are you using the same yarn? Different yarn might require a different needle size.

Also if it’s knit lengthwise you could just make it longer couldn’t you?

I made one, sorta, I had to modify because I only had one skein of laceweight, so I left off the garter bands and I used size 10½s. If you’re using very thin yarn the 7s should work, you need to block it out a lot. If it’s not wool, then go up about 2 needle sizes. If you’re using not so thin yarn, then go up a couple more needle sizes.