Knitty-slip of a thing bag

Looked easy til I tried to do it! I finished the last row of the base that is worked straight on circulars, now I have to pick up sts around base.

“With RS facing, pick up and k 16 sts (1 st in each slipped st) along side edge of work, pick up and k32 sts along CO edge etc.”

My work is on right needle, working yarn to the left, right side up. Do I need to start a new yarn for the picking up? Do I pick up and knit each stitch, or do the 16 at once? Can I pick up the working yarn somehow?

Maybe it will make more sense in the morning!! Thanks for your help!!

Flip it over so your working yarn is on the right? Then you can pick up down the 16 on the left side, 32 across the bottom and 16 up the right side.

Thanks Ingrid, but I still am a little lost. If I flip it, I’m on the WS. Do I knit each stitch as I pick it up (which I think makes sense) or do the whole side at once? But then what do I knit with because the yarn is way at the end. The goal is to end up with all 96 knit stitches on the needle ready to go around in circular. I don’t think I’m supposed to just have the “picked up” ones at that point?

Maybe you should be ending on a WS row? If you’ve been doing it in garter st it really doesn’t matter. And if it’s the booga bag, you’ll felt it.


ETA: Sorry I was thinking it was a different pattern. From the picture in the middle of the page, it looks as though you pick up the stitches differently than you normally would. Take a look at that and see if helps you figure it out.