Knitty: Morgan (Hat)

I am really a visual learner, so I’m having a hard time trying to picture in my head how the Morgan pattern from Knitty is being done. It’s asking for 2 circular needles, 24 inches or longer. And it’s casting on 8 stitches… I have no idea how you use 2 circulars at the same time, or how one stretches 8 stitches across such a long circular. I ended up just using DPNs of the same size and just knitting in the round the normal way. How does the 2nd circular come in? I assume it has something to do with the short rows, which I’ve never tried before.
Any help on clearing up my mental picture on how this is knitted?

My guess is that the designer used 2 circ’s method of knitting instead of double point needles - I’m not familar with the 2 circ’s or magic loop so I can’t give you the why’s and how’s. I think under the video section there are a few videos on how to do this.

Looking at the hat, I’m thinking that at some point DPN’s won’t be long enough to handle all the stitches - I didn’t look to far into the pattern - but it seems like there are a lot of stitches involved in making the hat since in the description it is knit all in one piece.

Check the videos and play around with the pattern a bit. I know that when I play around with it before really knitting something that I don’t originally understand - it helps me when I do go and knit the actual project.

To use 2 circs to start, CO the sts to 1 of the needles then pull the cord through in the middle, sliding half the sts to each end. Use the other needle to join and knit with, and follow the video for using 2 circulars. They’re used like flexible dpns would be.

If you don’t have 2 circs the same size, you could use 1 circ and a dpn instead.

I just completed this hat and its really cute. I, too, had trouble with double points, but went on youtube. There are several visuals that will help you using two circular needles. Once you get the hang of it you probably won’t go back to using 4 doublepoint needles! hope this helps.

I have not tried the technique but there is a video under advanced tips on this site:

Hope it helps!


There are instructions here in the video section as well as here. I almost always use 2 circs.

You can cast on the stitches to one needle, then pull the cord through and push the sts to the end, 4 on each one. Then use the other needle to join and do the first row, while keeping the sts separated. After a few more rows and incs, you can go into regular 2 needle or ML knitting.