Knitty kitty

Here is my most recent FO - it is from Knitty, “Kate” the kitten in britches. Mine was made as an ode to my kitty who is now laying on whatever cloud he chooses!

That’s adorable!

I’m sorry to hear about your kitty though. :heart:

What a lovely kitty, and a sweet way to remember a special friend.

:heart: :heart: :heart: So adorable and what a special way to remember a pet!

So cute! I have been tihnking of knitting this lately. I can also relate-I just lost my cat as well. But good job!

:heart: it!

Boootiful, and what a wonderful keepsake. :heart:

I never thought of making that myself before seeing yours! It is adorable, and what a sweet way to memoralize a beloved feline. I have a friend who lost her old friend of many years, Spot (weird name for a solid grey cat, I know. :wink: ). I bet she’d love a knitted grey “Spot” to warm her bed, where he no longer lies.

Thank you for that great idea! :hug:

That is adorable!

What a sweet little kitty! And such a nice way to remember your pet, too.

AAAAAwww that is just so sweet~
I :heart: it~

OMGosh! How adorable! :heart:

:muah: :notworthy: That’s such an adorable kitty!! I :heart: it!! It is definitely a nice way to remember a pet :cheering:

Thanks everyone! I never wanted a cat but he chose me so-to-speak. He lived in at least 3 states, went through 3 college degrees and multiple boyfriends. I used to say that if he could talk, I’d have been in lots of trouble! :teehee:

He survived 10 years of feline diabetes when he was given 6 months to live…and that was the only thing that did not affect him in the end. All other major body functions just went out…not bad for 22 years old!

Wow! 22! I hope my Binky lives a good life to old age!
Cute stuffy kitty!
This may be way weird, but if I spy one of Binky’s wiskers on the floor or wherever, I save them… I could make a stuffy version of him and tuck those inside… :teehee:

He was a most handsome fella. :heart:

Pretty cat. He looks like a trouble maker.

Wonderful keepsake, wonderful knitting!!