Knitty kitty, sad update

Oct. 17. we adopted a cat from the Humane society. You may recall I asked for help in naming her. Knitty kitty won. About the last 2 weeks she stopped eating and just was not herself. Long story short she had liver failure. She was approx. 5years of age. Nov.23, to relieve her suffering vomiting, hardly walking we euthanised her. Letting the Humane society know they had no idea and did say if it was meant to happen they were glad to think she was loved and cared for and not die lonely in a cage. They were very very sad also to think after 7 months there she finally gets adopted. Our old cat of 17yrs. passed peacefully at home so having to make this decision was very very difficult. I do feel better thinking she had a real home for a short while. In time we will adopt another cat from the Humane Society and give a home to an unwanted pet. :heart:

Aw. I’m so sorry. It’s so difficult to go through this. I’m glad kitty was loved at the end.

That’s so sad. :frowning: I’m glad her last part of life was with a loving family. :hug:

so sorry for your loss and I’m glad she had a loving home at the end.Your time with her was short but I’ll bet she will always have a place in your heart

Wow, very sad story, was she ill when you adopted her? I have been in touch with our local APL for months now…I had a stray mom give birth to 5 under my garage around last April…She moved them constantly and I couldn’t “handle” them for weeks…I contacted several shelters to help me…but all I got was “they are not socialized, we can not help you”…After weeks and weeks of "hand feeding, cat bites and scratches I finally was able to take 2 to the APL (with a donation)…I took the other 3 about a mile away to be “mousers”…1 by one the 3 came back to my house!!! In the meantime, Mom gave birth to 6 more in my garage!!! So I scooped up 2 of the first litter and was able to donate…also took mom and 6 newborns (with of hefty donaton) 1 guy was left (not too social) and I took him, but he was not adoptable (very wild) and was put down…I checked on everyone all the time, all were adopted, 3 newborns passed on (they had to be fostered out, mom stopped feeding them) so 3 of them so far made it…Here’s my point:These guys were “wild” eating whatever to survive, having ear mites, worms etc etc.yes they were checked/fixed, but no one knows where they came from and what kind of diseases they were exposed too when they were young…but I was happy that they did find food and shelter…and bless you for adopting from the APL:hug:

Northknitter, I am so sorry for your loss. My cat, Princess, had to be euthanized after an accident 6 years ago. She died in my arms.:hug:

I am so sorry for your loss. No matter how long a pet is in your home they are loved…

We adopted a kitten (the runt) from a fostered mom and after loving her for 8 months she began vomitting and having (what we thought) seizures. She couldn’t walk more than a few feet without falling over, it was very hard to watch. I took her to a specialist and they couldn’t figure out whaat was wrong without a very expensive CAT scan which may or may not show the problem. In March of 2007 my son and I had her euthanized. She was only 9mo old.

Thank you for all the kind words. Yes, I feel that for some reason we chose her and maybe it was just meant to be for unkown reasons. She was not sick as far as the shelter knew. They were also devasted as they tried to get her adopted and other people just passed her by. She will be in our hearts and Knitty kitty had style and loved the knitting needles and yarn.

Hi All,

   I'm new to the forum but wanted to offer my condolences. I actually work at an animal shelter and it's people like you who keep us going. I know it must have been difficult to lose your kitty so soon but if you had not taken her she would have died in a cage. We work really hard to give the animals the best possible care but we can't give them a loving home. I'm sure the Humane Society knew nothing about her condition, those things kind of creep up. I hope you will adopt again when the time is right. Thanks to all of you who adopt, you make our day!!!


Oh my goodness, how sad, I’m so sorry for your loss :hug:

We will defnately adopt again from the Humane society as they do their best with the animals to find homes. They take good care of the animals etc. this was just an unfortunate situation and in the end Knitty kitty had a home till her end. She was such a lovely and well natured cat considering her previous street straying, who knows, maybe an uncaring owner just dumped her. We will take a break and check out their cats at the Society again and most likely an older cat. thank you again for your words of kindness and your own stories about your pets.

So sorry for the loss of Knitty Kitty. I know it hurts, even though you only had her for a short time.

We adopted a kitten that someone abandoned in our neighborhood. Shortly afterwards, we found out that he had feline leukemia, and we had to quarantine him from our other three cats (who never went outside) until they got their leukemia vaccinations. We kept him in our bedroom, with the TV on Animal Planet for him when we weren’t home.

He was the sweetest little guy, named Tom. When his quarantine was over, we let him get to know his sister cats, and he fell madly in love with one of them. They played and played, and played until he exhausted himself. We had to have him put down, but he had a nice life for the short time he was with us, and we like to think he died happy.

HOw nice that was also for that particular cat. A home that wanted and loved him till the end. Thank you for sharing.