Knitty is live. :D

:woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

What does this mean?

Knitty is this awesome free online magazine that is published 4 (help me peeps. Is this correct?) times a year. You probably won’t be able to get in right now, as I calculate about 2000 people are trying to crash the server right now (err, veiw knitty). :teehee:

But if ya wanna try (be warned. It’s addicting.) it’s

Yep, it’s quarterly, with a few extra patterns added between times. It’ll be slow until later today.

:?? It’s not new… is it new to you or something?

The winter issue is new, and up today.

After a couple tries I was able to get in and look at the new patterns, none are really saying knit me right now…which is good 'cause I have too much to work on as it is :rofl:

Yeah, I felt the same way. The Maja shawl construction interests me, but I don’t like the stitch pattern it’s in. Can’t say much for the sweater or hat patterns, either, and I don’t do socks. Will have to see how some of them turn out in different yarns and colors.

Ahhh… that makes sense. :doh:

I like Larus and Ardea, but that’s it really. Don’t know if I’ll make them though.

I always enjoy looking at the latest edition but very seldom does a knitty pattern reach out and grab me. There are some “classics” (clapotis and lizard ridge come the mind) but for the most part I find the patterns interesting to look at but not inviting.

I think I’ll be adding Esteem to my queue! I know my step mom or my MIL would dig a lacy, picot edge hooded scarf, and knit with a chunky yarn and size 10 needles, it’ll be a fun break from the socks I’m knitting on 00s (for myself!). I even have some chunky yarn that’s been waiting for a pattern, so once I finish the house socks (gift for a friend) I think I’ll be casting on!

I don’t know what I am always drawn to cables! Dag nab it! They’re just so interesting!

And socks…sigh…

got email today but doesn’t work…

They’re probably overwhelmed with everyone in the universe trying to log on. Try this link - and see if that gets you there.

meh :shrug:

The only thing that looks interesting to me is fern glade. Too bad I already alot otn. Oh well, I’ll have to add it to my list of things to knit. :mrgreen: